As practiced by In the Company of Ideas Nourishes an atmosphere that fosters "what if" and "how about" thinking. Uses best practices (We're told we should include 'corporatespeak') in writing and design to establish and implement creative strategies. Guides executive management of client organizations on forward-thinking positioning. Collaborates with internal and external marketing, advertising and sales promotion resources to reach measurable goals.


  • Surround opportunities with infectious creative energy
  • Pushes 'What if'', 'how 'bout' thinking to build a brand or grow a business
  • Fosters atmospheres that encourage aggressive creative strategies
  • Delivers objective outsider's perspective to the "inner sanctum"
  • Enhances management vision
  • Maximizes creative output
  • Interacts actively with sales force to develop ideas/opportunities
  • Smoothes transitions from strategic thinking to tactical implementation
  • Communicates, clarifies, and reinforces of organization's mission, core beliefs and values
  • Nurtures networks of creative talent to enhance existing internal and external resources
  • Directs creation of communications materials for all audiences
  • Overcomes barriers and obstacles to assignments being completed as envisioned


  • Writing and design
  • Strategic and tactical creative direction
  • Budget management
  • Measurable performance


  • Long-term agreement, monthly fee plus performance incentive
  • Project-based plus performance incentives
  • Time and materials plus performance incentives

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